Our recruitment process
Discover the various steps

A structured recruitment process

Our recruitment process comprises several stages, the sequence for which is set out below. First and foremost, we are interested in your professional skills, your personality and your sense of duty.

Are you responding to a job offer published on our website or planning on sending us your unsolicited application? Those who like the hunt, to win their place….Discover our step by step recruitment process!

Telephone pre-selection

If your CV corresponds to the requirements of the job to be filled and to our client’s expectations, our recruitment managers will contact you by telephone. The aim of this initial contact is to get a specific idea of your professional aspirations.

Face-to-face interview

If you are selected, you will be invited to meet with us at our offices. A personalised interview will be scheduled with one of our consultants.

Reference check

Once the face-to-face interview has taken place, AJ Conseil Recrutement & RH will check your references thoroughly.

File sent to customer

A selection of applications best suiting the position concerned is made by our consultants. This is forwarded to the client concerned.

Interview with the client

If the client considers your application, you will be invited to meet with them. This interview usually takes place at our client’s premises.

Personalised integration

Good news : Your application has been selected! AJ Conseil Recrutement & RH accompanies you as you take over the position. Our consultants keep in touch with you regularly in order to stay apprised of your progress.