Our methodology
A written internal process

A strict recruitment methodology

Our methodology, which has been proven over more than twenty years, is based on an in-depth study of the candidate’s professional career and his/her skills. This methodology has formed the subject of an internal process manual.

Phase 1 : Creation of a technical and behavioural skills reference

Definition of your requirements: we meet with you at your company in order to immerse ourselves in the working environment. We then draw up job descriptions that are submitted to you for validation.

Definition of the behavioural skills sought: our aim is to make sure that the candidate proposed can be installed in the position to be filled and that he/she will contribute to the smooth running of your team.

Phase 2 : Sourcing

Our sourcing is carried out via our database of a pool of some 40,000 candidates occupying executive positions. This pool is managed by a computerised CRM that allows us to optimise and target our searches.

We also carry out specific recruitment campaigns that are defined upstream in accordance with your requirements.

Phase 3 : Telephone interview

Once the candidates have been identified, we carry out telephone interviews in order to validate the relevance of the applications and the applicants’ aspirations.

Phase 4 : Face-to-face interview

We carry out face-to-face interviews with the selected candidates.

Phase 5 : Reference check

We carry out an in-depth check of : diplomas, professional qualifications and references from former employers. This essential phase is carried out in full compliance with the confidentiality due to candidates.

Phase 6 : Creation of a short-list

3-4 candidates in a period of 4-5 weeks.

Phase 7 : Introduction of candidates

We introduce you to the most relevant candidates, together with a personalised file (CV, report from private interview).

Phase 8 : Debrief

We debrief our clients after each interview. During this exchange, we share our impressions and accompany the clients until the contract is signed.

Phase 9 : Integration

AJ Conseil Recrutement & RH monitors the candidate’s integration during the trial period.

Phase 10 : Guaranteed replacement

As a high class headhunter, we provide a replacement guarantee for the candidate hired throughout the trial period, however long this lasts.